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TeamViewer partners with t' order to digitalise hospitality sector in South Korea
Thu, 2nd Nov 2023

In a breakthrough announcement, TeamViewer, a leading remote connectivity and digital solutions provider, has declared integration with t' order, South Korea's premier tablet ordering system provider for the hospitality sector. This partnership has introduced remote control and support for restaurant owners – the first of its kind in the industry.

This integration comes as t' order aspires to digitalise remote customer support via its proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offering from TeamViewer. As a result, t' order is set to provide fast and stable service to restaurant owners directly through its CDP, reducing the requirement for physical visits. Such remote maintenance and service capabilities promise to drastically enhance the efficiency of t'order's customer service, improve customer satisfaction rates and offer speedy assistance with technical issues.

With the backing of TeamViewer's technology, t' order anticipates a surge in its customer services efficiency pertaining to the 120,000 devices currently operational across South Korea, leading to a firm foundation for its imminent plans for global business expansion. Accentuated by a unique status as TeamViewer's exclusive partner in tablet ordering systems for five years in Korea, t' order is positioned to leverage the offering's dependable industry-proven security and superior IT management features as it targets overseas markets.

Sojung Lee, President Asia-Pacific, TeamViewer, shows confidence in the alliance, "TeamViewer is very pleased to partner with t' order, an innovative company spearheading the tablet ordering platform service market to enhance their customer services through our reliable, secure, and scalable remote connectivity solution.” Lee added, “This partnership is a great example of how we can help companies to improve efficiency and reduce cost by giving them remote control and access through a wide range of devices across various industries."

Further seamlessness is anticipated as t' order resolves to strengthen its customer consultation services based on this partnership. According to Seongtaek Kwon, Chief Executive Officer, t' order, "t'order selected TeamViewer, which boasts technology leadership in the remote connectivity market, to lay the foundation for our business expansion, both domestically and globally." Kwon elaborated on the benefits of the new feature saying, “Through remote connectivity technology integrated into t'order's proprietary CDP and tablet systems, we can identify restaurant owners' technical issues within seconds and resolve them swiftly."

T' order boasts over 230 million accumulated users in South Korea, and this is likely to increase with enhanced customer services. The collaboration with TeamViewer marks a landmark step in the cashless digital transformation within the hospitality sector, pioneering an industry-first solution for remote support.