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Talend introduces new data health solutions for businesses
Tue, 17th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Talend has announced its latest version of Talend Data Fabric, with the release of Talend Trust Score enabling data teams to establish a foundation for data health.

It comes as part of the company's Spring 22 announcement, which revealed an array of advanced capabilities and new features.

The new development will add aggregation and historical views into the health of any dataset, allowing users to analyse combined data quality metrics to evaluate data trust at macro and micro levels, the company says.

A 2021 global survey of company executives by Talend revealed that there are widespread concerns about data efficiency among businesses, with 78% saying they face challenges in using their data and more than a third saying they simply aren't using it to make decisions.

Gartner also recently reported that unreliable data and poor data quality leading to bad business is responsible for an average of US $12.8M per year in losses for organisations.

Talend Trust Score evaluates and scores data in Talend customer environments. It does this by using crawlers that automatically scan datasets in on-premises and cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google.

This will allow businesses to identify quality issues with incoming data from third-party systems/source systems and help solve them immediately before there is an impact in the future.

In addition to Talend Trust Score updates, Talend says the Spring 22 updates look to accelerate productivity with collaborative workflows, which can serve as a conduit between users at different technical levels of an organisation.

Talend has also expanded its centralised repository with Data Quality Rules in Talend Studio. The company says this has been done to ensure simple-to-configure rules are available for reuse across the Talend ecosystem, on any data irrespective of its location or format.

With the company promoting a data health focus in the offerings, customers can scan datasets at intervals such as daily, weekly, and hourly, providing a view into dataset quality to help provide a more accurate assessment at any given time. Trust score grouping via metadata also creates better overviews and insights for organisations.

Talend VP product marketing Jamie Fiorda says the new developments will help provide businesses with better data health outcomes and therefore feel more confident when dealing with their data.

"Talend continues to raise the bar on innovation with our customers in mind," he says.

"Our advancements to Talend Trust Score will help businesses understand the ongoing quality of their data and feel confident in the decisions they are making. This new product release is another step toward helping our customers leverage healthy data to achieve powerful business outcomes."