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Sysdig unveils new Kubernetes troubleshooting and cloud innovations

Sysdig has introduced two new innovations that look to help bolster cloud services and simplify Kubernetes troubleshooting.

Sysdig Advisor was announced by the company as a Kubernetes troubleshooting feature that consolidates and prioritises relevant performance details in a customer's Sysdig Monitor. It looks to provide operations, developers, and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams to troubleshoot issues faster while decreasing the number of tools needed.

The new technology presents all relevant capacity, event, alerts, and troubleshooting information in a simple format, so there is less remediation time and a better user experience.

A prioritised list of issues and related live logs allows users to find the most significant problem areas and accelerate the time to resolution. The system can be used in multiple Kubernetes environments across a wide range of industries.

Experian Health DevOps engineer Jeff Henson says the technology allows the company to help maintain critical working operations and find problems quicker.

"When we get an alert for a problem in our Kubernetes environment, troubleshooting can involve multiple tools and teams which increases our MTTR. Having this information at our fingertips in Sysdig Advisor will help us understand and resolve these problems more quickly," he says.

The technology reduces the dependence on a side-by-side comparison of blogs, dashboards, logs, and command-line output needed to troubleshoot Kubernetes environments. It also increases troubleshooting access without increasing security risk and accelerates troubleshooting by up to ten times.

"Kubernetes is complex, with countless components and variables that make it difficult to understand how, why, and when something goes wrong," says Sysdig founder and CTO Loris Degioanni.

"Any SRE knows the pain of wading through multiple tools and getting multiple teams involved when troubleshooting an alert. Now with Sysdig Advisor, they can efficiently debug issues and get back to work on deploying new releases."

The company has also announced that Sysdig Open source is extended to secure cloud services. The new integration enables any Falco plugin to be used for Sysdig OSS.

Sysdig OSS captures process, file system, and network activity in real-time and with a high degree of granularity. This makes it easier to surface everything from executed commands and file system activity to network activity.

The cloud technology also offers advanced filtering and troubleshooting capabilities, supporting root cause analysis for security and performance issues. Sysdig OSS and Falco can be used together as a powerful open source solution to reduce risk at runtime, with Falco acting as a security camera, continuously detecting unexpected occurrences.

"If you want to see what is going on inside an application, Sysdig OSS gives you that record," says Degioanni.

"Sysdig open source was the inspiration for Falco. While Falco will monitor and alert based on your policies, Sysdig open source will tell you what happened at a particular time, before and after the event. Having the ability to use both open source tools in the cloud is extremely powerful."

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