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Syniti unveils first in series of Knowledge Platform updates

Thu, 5th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Syniti has introduced a completely cloud-based version of Advanced Data Migration, the first of a range of updates coming this year to its Knowledge Platform.

The new version, now called Syniti Migrate, provides customers with more control of their data in a faster, more secure offering, from any source to any target, which helps to ensure a Boring Go Live every time.

"We took millions of human hours, our best practices and years of experience in data migrations, to make our original data migration platform," Syniti CEO Kevin Campbell says.

"What we've done here is take what is arguably the best migration solution on the planet, and made it faster and more secure, so our customers realise both short and long-term benefits in their transformation efforts."

Noting IT spending is anticipated to increase across the ANZ region, Syniti says the demand for data science jobs is expected to grow by over 2.4% annually.

Additionally, Syniti cites the Australian Federal Government's $1.2 billion investment in the Digital Economic Strategy in 2021 and $8.9 billion investment in the Australian Signals Directorate in the 2022 budget as proof that the country's digital economy is undergoing a significant period of sustained growth.

The enterprise data management company explains that with Syniti Migrate, it hopes to remedy the current challenges and continue supporting organisations' development in achieving their digital transformation objectives.

Furthermore, Syniti Migrate allows enterprise customers to more quickly see the benefits of critical migration and consolidation projects, such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and ERP migrations.

The company says a modern architecture that places the cloud as a top priority will enable organisations to process and persist data wherever they choose, with greater security.

"Digital transformation is accelerating at a rate never before, making data invaluable to organisations," Syniti Asia Pacific and Japan president Gordon Lam says.

"APAC businesses that pivoted during the pandemic will continue to evolve and leverage data to remain competitive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

"Syniti remains committed to enable businesses to stay ahead of their data management curve to harness the true value from data."

Syniti's customers will now be able to choose their data migration working and staging environments, with up-to-date connections to databases and flexible deployment options.

Moreover, its latest offering comes in response to the previous version's customer, partner, and user feedback.

Improvements to Syniti Advanced Data Migration (Syniti Migrate) include:

More intelligent code auto-generation

Writing more code better helps reduce technical code development by up to 80%, freeing up resources to work on higher value tasks.

Higher quality data can be delivered faster in the migration

Intelligent matching and harmonisation with more than 99% accuracy.

Pre-loaded best practice content

This includes mappings, designs and rules to help accelerate migrations.

Intelligent metadata scanning and profiling

Active metadata scanning identifies and autocorrects dataset errors, with analysis to identify, action and resolve data anomalies; helping to accelerate processes and enhance analytics functions.

"All of our customers are in the midst of some type of digital transformation. To enable this, they need new technology and new ways of working," Deloitte Consulting senior manager Harpreet Singh says.

"Syniti Migrate seamlessly fits into this transformation strategy because it processes data where they want it, bringing the intelligence and automation they need with the stringent enterprise security required."

Syniti Migrate is available as part of the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

It will also be resold by key partners, including as SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, an SAP premium-certified cloud-based data migration solution extension, and used by Syniti's own team, as well as its global partner ecosystem.

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