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Revelator appoints Gilad Woltsovitch as artisan
Fri, 12th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The company has hired seasoned entrepreneur and Web3 artisan Gilad Woltsovitch to spearhead the Web3 experience for Revelator users.

"With Web3 comes unique opportunities for artists and labels to release music in new ways, but with additional avenues come management nightmares," Revelator founder and CEO Bruno Guez says.

"Revelator helps solve these pain points and provides a simplified and streamlined management experience.

"By making the ecosystem more decentralised and open, we will benefit the entire supply chain. We are thrilled that Gilad will join us in this endeavour."

Woltsovitch brings his expertise in bridging complex management processes with simplified user interfaces and leveraging blockchain technology to benefit the consumer to Revelator.

He co-founded two platforms to make the global credit industry more accessible and decentralised: enterprise Blockchain platform Credium and online lending platform with a machine learning underwriting model, Backed Inc.

"Web2 is very good at extracting value and then funnelling it up to the platforms that serve the content, and not the creators who create the content," Woltsovitch says.

"It's in that area that I'm most interested in exploring and building in Web3 in general, to create adaptation and adoption in a cultural sense.

"Revelator is one unique and powerful offering in this space, and onboarding the existing infrastructure into Web3 is an immensely complicated challenge that is very exciting to me. That's why I joined the team."

Greatly influenced by the collapse of the music industry in the early 2000s, decentralisation is at the core of Gilad Woltsovith's every venture.

He is an activist and volunteer in his community, serving as a local municipality board member and advocate for decentralised public-resource and fund management solutions.