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RealWear appoints Visionary Inventor Dr. Chris Parkinson as New CEO
Wed, 9th Aug 2023

RealWear, the industrial leader in extended reality (XR) wearables, has named Dr. Chris Parkinson as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dr. Parkinson, a co-founder and former CTO of RealWear, is renowned for his innovation in the field of XR, particularly his work on the HMT-1 flagship headset.

Launched in 2016, the HMT-1 was RealWear's first industrial head-mounted tablet computer, instantly putting the company on the map by providing a vital XR solution for frontline workers. The device revolutionized the industry by offering hands-free operation, which allowed frontline professionals to carry out their tasks more efficiently without compromising on equipment uptime.

Dr. Parkinson's extensive knowledge, experience, and passion have prepared him for this new role, where he plans to guide the company into its next phase of innovation and growth. His specialty lies in hands-free computing that integrates high-accuracy speech recognition and gesture-controlled user experiences.

Prior to RealWear, Dr. Parkinson led the technology development for the groundbreaking "Golden-i" series of head-mounted computers at Kopin Corporation. This work spanned 9 years and resulted in more than 100 patents. In 2015, he founded the company that later evolved into RealWear, fulfilling his dream of introducing ruggedized hands-free computing to the world.

Dr. Parkinson's vision for the company is not just about hardware but the creation of complete solutions that seamlessly integrate into the daily routines of professionals in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. He emphasizes incorporating AI and sustainability in all aspects of the business, something he hopes to achieve through collaboration with engineering teams and partners in RealWear's growing App Marketplace.

"I am deeply honoured and excited to have been appointed as the CEO of RealWear," Dr. Parkinson said. "Our mission is clear: to empower frontline professionals with cutting-edge XR wearables and AI-driven solutions that enhance productivity and overall work experience."

The appointment signifies a commitment to growth and innovation at RealWear, as the company looks to expand its reach and continue refining its product offerings under Dr. Parkinson's leadership. His strategies focus on delivering XR wearable solutions tailored to the needs of frontline professionals, fostering safer and more efficient work environments.

Dr. Parkinson succeeds Mr. Andrew Chrostowski, who has retired from his position, and the board of directors expressed sincere gratitude for Chrostowski's exceptional leadership and dedication.

RealWear is a global pioneer in XR wearable solutions, designed to engage, empower, and elevate modern frontline industrial workers. With its innovative technology, RealWear provides real-time access to information and expertise, enhancing safety and boosting productivity. The company serves 41 of the Fortune 100 companies, along with thousands of other enterprises worldwide.