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Ordr launches unique training programme to bolster cyber security skills
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

Ordr, an AI-powered asset intelligence vendor, has announced the launch of its innovative training program, Ordr University. The newly introduced scheme sets out to prepare companies and their cybersecurity workers with the crucial product know-how and industry best practices required to effectively manage the broadening sphere of cyber attacks they must contend with daily.

Cybersecurity professionals can access the educational content from Ordr University either through a self-guided class or an instructor-led option. This allows organisations and their teams to choose the most suitable learning approach according to their particular needs and circumstances.

Today's digital transformation has driven an exponential expansion in the number of devices such as IT, IoT, OT, IoMT, users, cloud workloads, and SaaS applications, thereby aggravating the challenges linked with managing potential cyber-attack surfaces. Security professionals are commonly inundated with alerts relating to evolving vulnerabilities and threats. In response to this, the need to improve efficiency in identifying risks and exposure while accelerating response timelines has become critical.

"The path to cybersecurity success depends on ensuring that team members at all levels have the proper training, skills, and expertise to manage their cyber asset attack surface and protect their organisations," said Jim Hyman, CEO at Ordr. "Threat actors never remain complacent, and it is equally important that security teams stay current with new innovations. A program like Ordr University can increase product knowledge and ability with minimal investment."

The self-guided module offers introductory product training for teams initiating their journey with the Ordr platform alongside more complex masterclasses designed for seasoned users dealing with more sophisticated use cases. The course features an extensive catalogue of both elementary and advanced-level content videos, encourages an unlimited number of learners from each organisation, and includes end-of-course knowledge tests and certificates for participants.

Instructor-led training, on the other hand, involves Ordr working personally with an organisation to create a private learning experience that meets their specific requirements, focusing purely on their unique network environment. Certified expert trainers either visit a business on-site or deliver custom-made remote sessions with participants. This option features a 60% practical application with the Ordr pre-configured lab environment and provides printed materials for post-event reference.

Ordr University offers four different structured learning paths that organisations can select from according to their real-world needs: Foundations, Healthcare Technology Management, Networking, and Security. Currently available is the Ordr Foundations course, which ensures that participants can navigate the user interface, configure administrative settings, generate reports, and efficiently manage their Ordr-enabled environment. The course is the embryonic stage for all Ordr role-specific learning paths. Further courses for HTM, Networking, and Security teams are scheduled to be offered within the next few months.