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NCS expands Microsoft collaboration, offering innovative solutions in Asia Pacific
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

NCS announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft in the Asia Pacific. The alliance aims to empower businesses and governments within the region with innovative solutions and new intellectual property (IP) designed by NCS. These novel solutions and IP will be deployed on Microsoft's technology and offered on the Microsoft marketplace. Additionally, NCS will establish a dedicated Microsoft growth engine, offering comprehensive capabilities across six Microsoft solution areas.

Clients throughout Asia Pacific will have access to generative AI technologies and other emerging technical solutions. This alliance aims to offer businesses and governments new efficiencies and growth opportunities amid an ever-evolving business landscape.

Support will be provided by Microsoft's team of technology experts and a client helpdesk within NCS comprising over 1,000 certified experts. Clients will also benefit from NCS's end-to-end technology services, its established track record of delivery in the Asia Pacific, and its demonstrated proficiency in localising solutions.

Investments in IP creation, accelerating the build-up of capabilities, and unifying the 'Go-to-Market' approach are included in this collaboration. NCS has committed an initial SGD $1.5 million investment to develop next-generation solutions and IP.

Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, commented, "This collaboration elevates our long-standing partnership with Microsoft. It reinforces NCS's commitment to driving innovation and positive impact with our clients and partners for the communities and enterprises we serve across the Asia Pacific."

As a part of this collaboration, NCS is structuring a dedicated growth engine for Microsoft solutions aimed at boosting innovation, sales, and delivery for the organisation. The Microsoft segment in NCS will be helmed by Sharath Burla, Senior Partner, and John Kelly, Global Microsoft Alliance Lead. Covering six Microsoft solution areas: Infrastructure, Data and AI, Digital & App Innovation, Modern Work, Security, and Business Applications; these areas have enabled NCS to earn the Solution Partner designation from Microsoft.

Enterprise and government clients will be able to tap into the extended capabilities of the full suite of Microsoft technologies in conjunction with NCS's comprehensive end-to-end solutions and capabilities. This will aid their deployment of cloud migration and digital transformation and enhance their ability to harness the benefits of AI, hybrid cloud, and security for a greater transformative impact. Close orchestration between the NCS and Microsoft teams is expected.

The extended array of offerings developed through a combination of NCS's spectrum of solutions and services, inclusive of core services in the application, infrastructure, engineering, and cyber security, will be showcased at Tesseract, NCS Innovation Centre in Singapore, and Microsoft Innovation Centres in the region.

In this expanded collaboration, emphasis will be laid on Go-to-Market investments to deliver pre-built and validated Microsoft solutions to clients speedily, accelerating their digital transformation journey. NCS plans to work closely with clients to adopt and leverage Generative AI, Cloud, Security, and a complete suite of Copilot-powered productivity technologies to derive higher value from their ecosystem.