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Micron publishes annual Diversity, Equality and Inclusion report
Fri, 6th Dec 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Memory and storage solutions provider Micron has published its annual diversity, equality and inclusion report that details the company's efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and culture.

The Diversity, Equality and Inclusion FY19 Annual Report tracks Micron's progress through factors such as race and ethnicity, gender, job roles, philanthropy and compensation.

According to Micron vice president of diversity, equality and inclusion, Sharawn Connors, the report demonstrates “our commitment to creating an environment where all team members can bring their authentic selves to work and contribute ideas that drive business success”.

“Micron believes that collaboration across our diverse workforce is the key to unlocking strength and innovation, and we are passionate about building a culture of inclusion where all team members are seen, heard, valued and respected.

Micron has offices across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Below are highlights of the report from three key areas: diversity, women's representation, and pay equity.

Dimensions of diversity

The expansion of Micron's ERGs has been instrumental in creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

Micron launched its first ERG for people with disabilities, called Capable. Providing quality jobs and career advancement opportunities for people with disabilities is a strong focus at the company's Japan, Taiwan, Europe and U.S. sites.

The company added three new ERGs focused on the following groups: Black/African American team members, tenured and experienced team members and team members with disabilities. ERG membership grew by 72%, with eight ERGs and 38 global chapters.

Micron sponsored Pride parades in the United States, located in Boise, Idaho, and Washington D.C. — and launched an Inclusion Allies Coalition online-learning module.

Women's representation globally

Micron welcomed two women to its board of directors: Mary Pat McCarthy and MaryAnn Wright. As a result, women now make up 25% of Micron's board.

The percentage of female vice presidents at Micron nearly doubled, and the percentage of women in senior leadership increased from 10.4% to 13.5%.

In FY19, Micron launched the Women Innovate (WIN) program to increase female participation in Micron's patent program via mentorship and to promote collaboration and innovation.

Pay equity

Micron says it is committed to providing equal salary to men and women in similar roles in all our worldwide locations. In support of Micron's ongoing commitment to pay equity, we regularly conduct proactive pay audits. As Micron closed FY19, the company invested $830,000 to address differences in pay.

Micron continues to enhance compensation policies and practices and has implemented more stringent compensation guidelines and in-depth reviews of off-cycle increases.