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Juniper Networks partners with KK Networks to enhance Pakistan's internet
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

Juniper Networks, a provider of secure, AI-Native Networks, announced its collaboration with KK Networks (KKN), one of Pakistan's internet Service Providers (ISPs). This partnership aims to provide affordable internet access to residential users across Pakistan and prepare a sustainable service delivery platform for KKN.

KKN, currently catering to 140,000 residential customers and increasing, plans to expand its services by providing business-grade internet services. Initially, these services will cover large areas in Lahore, with the intention of extending to further regions over time.

This collaboration portrays a shared goal between Juniper Networks and KKN to support and enhance Pakistan's digital economy. It seeks to address a glaring issue as half the nation, about 115 million people, do not have internet access. By providing reliable and high-quality digital services, the collaboration hopes to improve economic opportunities, strengthen communities, and foster education.

The formulation of a scalable and resilient Cloud Metro network will enrich residential users' internet experience while providing a robust operational platform for KKN. Expansion into business-grade internet services will also occur as a result of this transformed network infrastructure. The advanced Cloud Metro infrastructure will reach vast areas in Lahore, with further expansion plans in the pipeline.

Addressing the issue of varying internet performance during peak and off-peak hours, the revamped metro network aims to offer reliable connectivity with enhanced user experience. Network congestion leading to frequently dropping connections promises to be a problem of the past. Consequently, KKN expects its high growth trajectory to continue, bringing high-performance, differentiated internet services to thousands of homes and businesses in Pakistan.

Juniper Networks' Cloud Metro system's compact and efficient design will enable KKN to deliver more energy-efficient operations. This energy efficiency, paired with the improved operational costs, can work to foster affordable broadband offerings for customers across Pakistan. This initiative aligns with KKN's objective to support and enhance the nation's digital economy.

Imran Ali, CEO of KK Networks, commented on the partnership: "KKN is determined to improve and expand internet services across Lahore, Pakistan, to ensure that our customers have the best digital experiences. With Juniper, our new Cloud Metro network has observed 99.9 percent uptime, delivering an accessible, high-performance digital platform to 14 regions in Lahore."

AE Natarajan, Executive Vice President at Juniper Networks, shared: "Juniper continuously strives to enable remarkable digital experiences for our customers’ users, and the Cloud Metro solution is a perfect example of our market-leading innovation, applying cloud principles to metro networks."