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Japan Airlines switches to Lufthansa's cloud for better IT security
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

Japan Airlines (JAL) has inked a contract with Lufthansa Systems to transition NetLine/Ops ++ MaintenanceControl to the Lufthansa Systems Global Aviation Cloud (GAC). The Japanese airline has been utilising NetLine/Ops ++ MaintenanceControl since 2006 for its operations control and air maintenance needs.

The NetLine/Ops ++ MaintenanceControl software links with various maintenance and engineering mechanisms, providing real-time performance data to operations managers, maintenance planners, and technicians. It also assists in maintaining efficient economic control over flight operations by providing an overview of upcoming maintenance events and monitoring the shifts in maintenance events caused by changes in operations.

The Lufthansa Systems GAC presents a future-ready deployment model that enables airlines to concentrate on their key competencies while swiftly adapting to evolving business needs. The Global Aviation Cloud's multi-cloud approach integrates critical applications across multiple clouds to supply redundancy measures should a single cloud provider experience a complete outage. In the case of JAL, the transition to the GAC will enhance its IT security and reduce the impact of malfunctions on its flight operations.

Reflecting on the significance of this shift, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Director of IT Planning and Promotion at Japan Airlines, said, "JAL considers IT security and reliability to be of utmost importance as an airline. It is essential for JAL to be prepared for potential malfunctions or breakdowns. JAL believes that Lufthansa Systems' Global Aviation Cloud is one of the most effective solutions for JAL's business contingency plan in the case of large-scale disasters in Japan."

"Additionally, JAL anticipates faster response times and a reduced workload for system maintenance. By migrating to Lufthansa Systems' GAC, JAL enhances JAL's security against failures and minimises the impact on JAL's flight operations. JAL appreciates Lufthansa Systems' proposal for the migration to GAC," said Hiroshi Hashimoto. 

Lufthansa Systems' GAC was designed with the specific needs and security standards of airlines in mind. Kazuya Ota, Vice President of Far East Asia and Taiwan at Lufthansa Systems, said, "We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Japan Airlines by providing them the best possible IT security through our one-stop-shop and highly advanced cloud environment."

Kazuya Ota stated that The GAC allows Japan Airlines to focus on its principal business processes within a "modern and stable IT infrastructure, with only one central point of contact, Lufthansa Systems."

The establishment of the GAC by Lufthansa Systems enables it to continue deepening its partnership with JAL by guaranteeing premium IT security through its all-in-one, highly advanced cloud environment. Its deployment in different regions and across different cloud providers also assists in meeting compliance, regulatory, and governance requirements more effectively.

Japan Airlines deems IT security as one of the most crucial elements for an airline and believes that Lufthansa's GAC is a highly effective solution for business contingency planning, particularly in the event of large-scale disasters in Japan.