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Google Cloud & SingPost partnership fosters AI-driven productivity boost
Wed, 13th Dec 2023

Google Cloud has launched a multi-year collaboration with Singapore Post Limited (SingPost). This partnership aims to equip SingPost’s employees with enterprise-level artificial intelligence tools, thereby increasing productivity, refining repetitive tasks, and promoting enhanced collaboration with customers and external partners.

SingPost's migration of all its IT workloads to Google Cloud has resulted in the consolidation and harmonisation of its tech stack. Effectively establishing a reliable and safe base to stimulate accelerated AI-driven innovation. This significant shift has led to a 30% decrease in the company's IT operations costs. SingPost is additionally leveraging Google Cloud's BeyondCorp Enterprise platform to enforce zero trust security principles.

As a participant in the AI Trailblazers initiative, SingPost has produced an AI solution prototype, constructed using Google Cloud's Vertex AI, foundation models and Document AI platforms. This prototype aims to expedite its eCommerce logistics operations by abolishing time-consuming data-entry tasks.

Simultaneously, SingPost is substituting legacy productivity tools with Duet AI within Google Workspace. This allows gen AI to be merged into the cloud-native communication and collaboration applications, enabling employees to write, visualise, organise and connect more effectively.

Noel Singgih, Group Chief Information Officer, Singapore Post Limited, stated: "SingPost is no stranger to assimilating innovative technologies, from data analytics to warehouse automation, to fulfil the developing needs of our customers. This, allied with a strategic investment in high-growth markets, has led to international logistics generating 86% of the Group's revenue - a vital landmark in our continuing transition into a tech-driven logistics enterprise. Our positive engagement with Google Cloud encouraged us to take the next step with them as our strategic cloud services provider."

The roll-out of these AI tools by SingPost is expected to speed up its digital transformation journey and drive its next stage of sustainable growth. Industries referencing logistics and the traditional postal service sector are set to evolve rapidly, inspired by the successful implementation of such technologies.

Mark Micallef, Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Google Cloud, comments, "By investing in AI development and collaborator platforms with inherent privacy, control, security, and compliance capabilities, SingPost is empowering every employee to identify and capitalise on new opportunities for work optimisation."

This collaboration serves as a prime example of how a large enterprise can move quickly to reap diverse benefits from gen AI adoption. Technology insight predicts this is only the opening chapter of AI influences on such industries, with advanced automated systems propagating across the sector.