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Fugaku supercomputer tops industry performance rankings
Mon, 5th Jul 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Fugaku supercomputer remains one the most powerful supercomputers in the world across all four of the major ranking systems for high-performance computers, including the TOP500, HPL-AI, Graph 500, and the HPCG.

The Fugaku supercomputer is a joint development from Fujitsu and RIKEN and spans 158,976 nodes fit into 432 racks.

RIKEN R-CCS director Satoshi Matsuoka says that Fugaku represents the world's most advanced IT.

Fujitsu corporate executive officer Naoki Shinjo comments, “We are thrilled that we were able to successfully claim the top spot on the major benchmarks for the third consecutive term. We owe this success to our close work together with RIKEN to improve application performance, which led to the realization of this highly balanced performance.

HPL-AI, which ranks supercomputers based on their performance on single- and half-precision computing typically used in artificial intelligence applications, ranked Fugaku at 2.004 exaflops.

The Graph 500 ranks systems based on graph analytic performance and found that the top ranking was a collaboration involving RIKEN, Kyushu University, Fixstars Corporation, and Fujitsu. It earned a score of 102,955 gigaTEPS.

On the Top500, Fugaku achieved a LINPACK score of 442.01 petaflops. On HPCG, it scored 16.00 petaflops, and on HPL-AI it gained a score of 2.004 exaflops.

Naoji Shinjo explains that Fugaku began offering shared usage in March, which has attracted many researchers and organizations to its computing abilities.

Further, Fujitsu will also leverage Fugaki as part of a joint research partnership with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology. This partnership focuses on research to support the development of drugs to fight COVID-19.

Satoshi Matsuoka says, “In addition to topping the major benchmarks of simulations, big data, and AI for the third consecutive term, it has also made a major contribution to the establishment of COVID-19 safety guidelines for the government and private sector, and has helped lead a digital transformation in the area of infectious diseases. With this continued dominance we have been showing that Fugaku is leading the world in a range of areas.

Naoki Shinjo adds that Fugaku will also play an important part in Japan's ‘Society 5.0' development.

“We would like to once again express our sincere gratitude to RIKEN and others for their great cooperation and support.