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FPT Software relaunches its Global Internship initiative for 2024
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

FPT Software has announced the second run of its innovative Global Internship initiative for 2024. This programme is designed to offer students studying in IT-related fields an opportunity to acquire eight weeks of professional experience at the firm's leading-edge campuses in Vietnam. The enrolment period remains open until June 2024.

The internship programme provides students with a wealth of benefits. These include practical knowledge and experiences obtained through direct mentorship and increased industry networks with FPT Software's technical experts. This direct engagement will especially benefit those students interested in fields such as AI, Cloud, Data, and Cyber Security.

Since the Global Internship Programme's launch in 2023, FPT Software has welcomed students from some of the world's top universities with plans for future expansion. The initiative's 2024 run welcomes international students to its high-tech campuses in Hanoi and Da Nang City in Vietnam. The program is split into two cohorts starting from July 2024. Those eligible for participation include students in their second year or above who are pursuing bachelor's degrees in IT-related fields.

FPT Software is located in an area rapidly gaining a reputation as a thriving digital hub, with Vietnam fast becoming a preferred and trusted partner for international enterprises. Thus, the Global Internship programme will give student participants a chance to witness this vibrant technology scene first-hand, as well as engage with FPT Software's projects that solve business challenges for its diverse portfolio of global clients.

Nguyen Tuan Minh, Chief Human Resources Officer at FPT Software, said, "Our company's ambitious goal is to fuel the global pipeline of one million IT talents by 2035, and the Global Internship programme is among our efforts to foster a future-ready workforce globally." He also suggested that the interns who engage with FPT Software's unique work culture will become the firm's enthusiastic ambassadors in the various markets where it operates.

With the successes of the initiative's first year, having hosted students from recognised, highly-ranked global universities, the company now aims to expand the programme to all the countries and territories in which it operates.

FPT Software's announcement of the second run of its Global Internship initiative for 2024 reflects its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a future-ready workforce in the IT industry. With the enrolment period open until June 2024, the programme offers students invaluable professional experience and exposure to cutting-edge technologies at FPT Software's campuses in Vietnam.

By welcoming international students and providing direct mentorship from technical experts, the company not only enriches participants' skill sets but also strengthens its global network of talent. As FPT Software continues to expand its reach and influence as a digital hub, the Global Internship programme serves as a cornerstone in its mission to develop one million IT talents globally by 2035.