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Eagle Eye Group appoints first Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

The Eagle Eye Group, which specialises in developing personalised, profitable, and gamified promotions, has announced the appointment of Jean-Matthieu Schertzer as its first Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer for subsidiary brand, Untie Nots. This new appointment showcases the company's commitment to integrating AI into its solutions to better improve customer interactions and deliver multidimensional personalisation at scale.

Schertzer, an alumnus of Ecole Polytechnique, a top scientific educational institution in France and Europe, joins the Eagle Eye Group with a wealth of experience in applied mathematics. He has held positions as a research engineer, R&D data scientist, and a data science consultant, equipping him with a solid foundation in the field. Schertzer's appointment is pivotal in shaping the next generation of AI-powered customer marketing solutions, allowing retailers and brands to predict shopping behaviours and develop unique promotions at a scale that was previously considered unattainable.

Eagle Eye Group CEO Tim Mason demonstrated enthusiasm for the new appointment, stating, "Our decision to appoint a Chief AI Officer comes against a backdrop of retailers struggling to provide the personalised customer experiences that today's consumers demand." He further explained that AI technology will augment Eagle Eye's current real-time system for matching offers and communications to individual customers, adding a capability to create personalised offers dynamically.

Recent research performed by McKinsey indicates a transformative potential in predictive and generative AI, predicting this could contribute an enormous $22.1 trillion to the global economy. The retail AI market is also predicted to experience substantial growth, with annual increases of over 30% from 2023 to 2032, presenting a vital opportunity for businesses to utilise AI as a strategic tool.

In light of these projected trends, Eagle Eye and Untie Nots have intensified their focus on advanced AI solutions. With a leader like Schertzer, who has notable expertise in this field, the Eagle Eye Group is strategically positioned to help companies maximise their customer data's potential and deliver personalised promotions and marketing on a monumental scale. Jean-Matthieu is also expected to lead Untie Nots' overall AI strategy in conjunction with the Eagle Eye Group's leadership team, to support the design, development, and implementation of AI technologies for retailers and brands worldwide.

"We stand on the cusp of a generational opportunity with AI and its applications in retail, among other sectors," says Schertzer, the newly-appointed Chief AI Officer, further noting that brands capable of implementing AI-powered personalisation will dominate the future, given the necessary innovative partnerships.

Echoing this sentiment, Zyed Jamoussi, Co-Founder and President of Untie Nots, added that predictive AI has the potential to identify opportunities, anticipate customer behaviours and offer real-time insights, thus enabling brands to provide customers with recommendations and promotions exactly when they need them.

Capping off these insights, Tim Mason says, "We are working to place Eagle Eye as the go-to SaaS platform for retail brands worldwide looking to take their personalisation capabilities and loyalty scheme ROIs to the next level in the months and years to come."