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Dow Jones launches pioneering investment screening tool with BIGTXN
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance announced today its revolutionary product, Risk & Compliance Financial Instruments, designed to simplify and optimise pre- and post-trade investment screening. As financial regulatory landscapes become more convoluted, this pioneering solution seeks to assist in the identification of sanctioned entities and their related instruments.

This state-of-the-art product integrates high-quality risk entity data from Dow Jones with superlative securities mapping from BIGTXN. The new tool enables financial firms to scrutinise their entire portfolio against over 50 jurisdictions and entities owned or controlled by sanctioned individuals or groups.

Dow Jones' R&C Financial Instruments offers extensive features, including sanctions data from 52 global jurisdictions, entities controlled or owned by subjects sanctioned by key sanctioning bodies such as the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC), the EU Commission, and the UK HM Treasury. It screens over 104 million financial instruments across five types of instrument identifiers: ISINs, CUSIPs, CINs, SEDOLs and FIGIs. Further, it provides securities coverage across all asset classes, comprising equity, debt, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and derivatives.

The advanced technology from BIGTXN helps consolidate and enrich these data sets into a structured, customisable solution. It integrates effortlessly into customer trading and portfolio management platforms. Each processed instrument links to its associated entity profile ID in Dow Jones Risk Center Financial Crime, thus optimising match reviews and investigations. The data are continuously refreshed and updated daily, ensuring consumer confidence in decision-making.

Joel Lange, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Dow Jones Risk & Research, emphasised the increasing significance of sanctions and investment screening in the current unstable economic climate and intensifying geopolitical tensions. "The costs for non-compliance are growing," he noted. "In partnership with BIGTXN, we are proud to launch a truly unique and powerful product that will streamline compliance with global sanctions and regulations and further fortify the integrity of the financial ecosystem."

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, CEO of BIGTXN, Haider Mannan, said, "As the volume, range and complexity of sanctions continues to grow, financial instrument screening has become a critical necessity for the compliance workflow. BIGTXN is excited to partner with Dow Jones to enhance the Risk & Compliance product suite."

Risk & Compliance Financial Instruments marks the latest contribution to Dow Jones' global suite of data solutions and services aimed at regulatory compliance.