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Doosan & Dataiku partner to accelerate AI deployment in business operations
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

South Korean multinational industrial conglomerate Doosan and Dataiku, an AI platform, have declared a collaboration that signifies an impressive development in the deployment of AI technologies, particularly Generative AI. This vital synergy is a key part of Doosan's digital transformation strategy and signifies its commitment to holistically incorporating AI within its operational procedures. The partnership represents a shared vision to propagate AI literacy and foster a data-centric culture across the organisation.

Robert Oh, EVP, Head of Corporate Digital at Doosan Corporation, expressed his views on the collaboration, "Working with Dataiku empowers us to imagine the full potential of AI and Generative AI, allowing us to embed it into Doosan's business strategies and operations. It is a crucial initial step in allowing us to imagine the concept of AI Everywhere and bring it to life, driving agile innovation that's practical and breakthrough."

An example of the transformative power of AI in traditional industries is Doosan's 'Electric Furnace Steel Capacity Prediction Project'. Implemented at Doosan's 60-year-old steel mill, this initiative resulted in an astounding 98% accuracy in AI model predictions for steel capacity, thus improving the earlier model's precision by 21%. The effective integration of AI technology lessened energy use and manufacturing costs, aiding environmental sustainability and nurturing a culture of efficiency and innovation.

Additionally, the collaboration has resulted in the Doopedia Generative AI Project, an initiative aimed at converting complex information into an engaging and comprehensible format for young learners. This project has transformed Doosan's Doopedia, a Korean encyclopedia, into an easily navigable resource for elementary students within just a month, reducing the content creation time from one to two days to just one minute. This achievement demonstrates the profound impact of Generative AI in the educational sector.

The collaboration between Doosan Corporation and Dataiku is a testament to the power of collective innovation exploiting AI technologies to drive forward-thinking solutions. Beyond the successful projects, the partnership symbolises the concrete business value that can be derived amid a dynamic digital landscape.

Robert Oh shared that their journey with Dataiku is still in the early stages and affirmed Doosan's commitment to unearthing the full potential of AI and developing innovative products that bring about significant business impacts.

Florian Douetteau, Co-Founder and CEO of Dataiku spoke about the joint venture, stating, "The partnership between Doosan and Dataiku is a shining example of how Everyday AI and Generative AI can revolutionise traditional industries and education. Doosan's commitment to embedding these technologies into their core processes, supported by our platform, demonstrates the incredible potential of AI to not only enhance business efficiency but also foster a culture of innovation."

"This collaboration is a blueprint for the future, proving that AI can be integrated into every aspect of business operations, making it a reality for companies striving to be at the forefront of digital transformation."