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Datacom becomes first VMware sovereign cloud provider for ANZ

Datacom has been designated a VMware sovereign cloud provider in Australia, becoming the only cloud provider to offer this status across New Zealand and Australia.

Datacom was granted VMware sovereign cloud designation in New Zealand in November 2021. This status has now been awarded to Datacom in Australia, acknowledging the whole company as providing an environment that protects data and digital assets within the sovereign boundaries of the two countries.

Datacom is one of an elite group of VMware sovereign cloud providers that can provide locally stored and protected data. 

By working with VMware sovereign cloud providers like Datacom, customers can gain the benefits of data residency and additional control, legal oversight, and jurisdictional visibility, which is vital for regulatory and in-country data security purposes.

This assists in customer success, as it helps ensure data stored in a designated geographic location is managed within jurisdictional boundaries, subject to the laws of the country in which the data resides.

Data sovereignty is critical because any data being collected, held, or processed – including sensitive personal health, identity, and financial data - is subject to different privacy and security protections according to where the data centres housing the data are physically located.  

The VMware sovereign cloud designation will help strengthen customer trust, minimise compliance issues, reduce risk exposure, prevent unauthorised access, and control costs.

“Receiving this designation demonstrates the focus and priority Datacom applies to data and the security of customers’ most precious assets,” says Darren Hopper, Cloud Associate Director, Datacom.  

“Beyond managing and securing data, our focus extends to our continued commitment of providing our customers with the best support, and building organisational resilience, which now has the added assurance that Sovereign Cloud designation provides.” 

Having experienced teams on the ground in Australia and New Zealand means Datacom is in a unique position to advise companies and help them protect their data under local law.

This is reinforced by strong partnerships with hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services, which enable the design and implementation of hybrid data strategies that leverage the combined benefits of hyperscale and local sovereign cloud solutions, including Datacom’s own CloudX platform. 

“We’re pleased Datacom has been designated a Sovereign Cloud provider in Australia. With customers facing increased security threats, changing regulations and geopolitical uncertainty, VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers deliver data sovereignty, better security and compliance, and jurisdictional control. This means Datacom can now help more customers reduce the risk of unlocking the value of their data,” says Mike Reddie, Senior Director Cloud, VMware Australia and New Zealand.

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