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Crux to launch SaaS platform making data prep 10x faster
Thu, 18th May 2023

Crux has announced the launch of the Crux External Data Platform (“EDP”), the first SaaS offering for enterprises of its kind.

The new self-service cloud platform will enable enterprises to automate the onboarding of any external dataset directly from vendors into their organisation. It will also transform external data for analytics up to ten times faster than traditional manual methods.

Will Freiberg, CEO of Crux, says the Crux External Data Platform is “truly transformative.”

“Just as the cloud made it possible for enterprises to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, consolidate on-premises data warehouses, scale on-demand, and immediately access key resources, the Crux platform removes critical pre-processing bottlenecks, empowering data engineers to onboard external data products into their data warehouse or cloud analytics environments in minutes," says the CEO.

Crux builds data pipelines at scale, allowing enterprises to ingest any custom data source, and operates over 60,000 pre-engineered channels to deliver external datasets in a data science and analytics-ready format. 

Now, Crux is making its resources directly available to data engineers with the Crux External Data Platform. 

Through its multi-tenant, secure SaaS platform, Crux guarantees data is delivered reliably with protected, role-based access and customisable operations applicable to data products, connections, notification policies, users, and system-wide settings. 

Crux says the platform reduces the need for expensive infrastructure and increases the speed of data engineering teams. 

Additionally, EDP presents customers with one centralised data hub for visibility into the health and performance of their organisation’s catalogue of external data pipelines. 

With intuitive automation and pattern recognition, Crux says data teams can immediately select and access new datasets, minimising the time and effort required to access new data for faster insights.

Dan Lynn, SVP of Products at Crux, says managing external data can be complex. 

“Now, Crux provides the industry’s first self-service SaaS platform for data integration, transformation, and observability specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of external data,” says Lynn.

“It’s an opportunity for data engineers to flip the ratio from 70% of time spent preparing data to 70% of time driving higher value analytics and insights.”

Early customers of the platform include Two Sigma and Goldman Sachs.

Jeff Wecker, CTO of Two Sigma, says: “Integrating, transforming, and absorbing data into our pipelines is a key focus for us.”

"Crux's EDP product launch will help us scale the capacity of our data pipelining activities, delivering a quicker path to high-quality data sets and faster access to systematic data-driven insights for our researchers,” says Wecker. 

Abhishek Narang, Managing Director & Tech Fellow, Data Engineering at Goldman Sachs, also comments: “We are excited to have collaborated with Crux in shaping their product roadmap and helping drive towards the launch of Crux’s new EDP offering.”

"Leveraging Crux in our Data Engineering framework and the Legend Platform at Goldman Sachs has further reduced the time-to-value of our third-party data assets, helping to enable us to operate more efficiently and best serve clients. 

“With the launch of EDP, it is satisfying to see so much of the work we have accomplished together now mechanised in an easily accessible self-service product offering,” says Narang. 

Crux has partnerships with over 265 leading data providers, including MSCI, Moody’s, S&P, SIX, FactSet, and Morningstar.