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Amperity unveils AI capabilities Explore & Assist to enhance customer data
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

Amperity has announced two new generative AI capabilities, dubbed Explore and Assist, that work in unison with existing AI-powered capabilities, namely Stitch and Predict, to establish a comprehensive suite known as AmpAi. The most significant quality of AmpAi lies in its focus on resolving the data quality and access problems that most brands are currently experiencing with traditional CDPs. AmpAi allows brands to be assured that their decisions are backed by a dependable data foundation, which helps them to determine the best method of customer engagement and to drive downstream AI technologies.

Today's CDPs usually reduce or outsource the work required to clean and organise customer data, which consequently leads to poor data quality. This problem is aggravated by the complex nature of cluttered online and offline customer data. Additionally, attempting to verify identities in the face of customer changes in channels, households, names, and contact details has proved to be very problematic for CDPs, especially in light of privacy rights that limit device and online data.

By integrating AI and machine learning, Amperity has chosen a unique path and has addressed the most challenging data issues for over 400 brands, thereby assisting them to connect the customer journey and make intelligent business decisions. In its most recent move, Amperity has introduced new Generative AI capabilities, which impart an essential intelligence layer designed to enable both technical and business users to optimise their customer data.

Amperity's CEO, Barry Padgett, stated: "We're on the cusp of a transformative shift in how brands interact with their customer data. For too long, the complexity of data queries and segment creation has been a barrier, consuming valuable time that could be spent on strategic initiatives." Generative AI empowers all users to work as data scientists by democratising data usage and providing customer insights throughout the organisation. "We're not just helping brands save time," continued Padgett, "we're empowering every team member to drive value and make informed decisions based on a trusted data foundation."

The AmpAi suite fundamentally relies on Amperity's patented Stitch and predictive modelling capabilities. Moreover, the company is also introducing Assist and Explore, two fresh Generative AI products, as part of the AmpAi suite. Zainub Sareea, vice president of products at Bobit, heralded the positive impact of one of these products, Ai Assistant, saying, "Before Ai Assistant, we turned to our developers to write SQL, often with a turnaround time of days. With Ai Assistant, my team can write queries and provide answers to Bobit's leadership in a matter of minutes. Ai Assistant has pushed us to be more data driven and empowers my team."

Explore revolves around enabling business users throughout an organisation to access and use customer data. AmpGPT, the first product in Explore, allows marketers to interact with their data using natural language. With AmpGPT, business users can ask questions like, "How many loyalty members are predicted to spend more than $1000 this year?" "Who are my high-value customers who have not made a purchase in 2024?" or "What customers bought running shoes in 2023?"

The AmpAi suite of capabilities is designed for accessibility and usability by everyone in an organisation, with plans to introduce more products under Assist and Explore in the future to further democratise customer data and make it accessible to all users in a privacy-safe manner.

David Wallace, research director of customer data and analytics at IDC, observed: "Generative AI is revolutionizing the business landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for brands to harness customer data in innovative ways. With the ability to analyse vast datasets, generate predictive models, and improve customer insights, AI is a requirement for business decision-makers considering the adoption of CDPs. The combination of Generative and Predictive AI represents a seismic shift in how organisations interact with customer data, moving from reactive analysis to automated and proactive engagement strategies that improve customer experiences."