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Altered State Machine to launch 'Smart Football' with FIFA
Fri, 11th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Altered State Machine (ASM), the firm providing Web3 artificial intelligence, has announced a partnership with FIFA to launch AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition. It is a “smart football” game experience that begins with a prediction challenge that will be playable during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

The innovation from Altered State Machine introduces AI characters to the casual gaming audience. Players can visit to learn more about the prediction game, which officially begins on November 20, the day of the first game of the FIFA World Cup. 

The announcement comes amid FIFA's commitment to developing new football gaming titles for fans. It will work with Altered State Machine, under the Futureverse ecosystem, to create an exciting unique online experience for all football fans. 

Players build their teams and compete against others in an AI-driven football game, allowing mainstream football fans to take their first steps with AI in the metaverse.

“The launch of our FIFA World Cup AI league is an exciting step towards our mission to lead casual gamers into the world of AI gaming in the Metaverse, and we are honoured to be building the first Web3 game with FIFA,” says Aaron McDonald, Co-Founder, Altered State Machine. 

“We look forward to bringing the world’s most popular sport into the metaverse.” 

ASM, a Futureverse Company, has pioneered digital intelligence by connecting AI to metaverse and gaming characters. It is a leader in decentralised AI and is committed to creating exciting, ownable AI technology for Web3.

The FIFA World Cup AI League 10-week prediction component is built to complement the real-time world cup tournament, with an AI-powered game to follow. 

The game will feature the following elements at launch: Predict, compete, and win. 

Players can show their skills by predicting the real-world FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches, where one can climb the leaderboard and win digital and physical prizes.

Players can participate in the prediction game and unlock four unique collectibles that will become smart players in FIFA World Cup AI League. 

The FIFA AI League is the next evolution of online games, where street footballer has their own AI and can compete against other AI players.
It's free to predict matches during the FIFA World Cup. Once the tournament ends, one can create a team of AI All-Stars and then pay a one-off fee to access and compete in the AI League mobile game.

AI All-Stars take the idea of digital collectibles to another dimension. Fully customised, unique, and securely stored, these AI-powered characters can be owned, trained, and traded.

A team of four digital collectibles are created and stored on a blockchain technology, which functions a bit like a highly secure shared database. The clever bit about a blockchain is that everyone can read it and confirm which collectibles you own, but only certain people can make changes - so it's both shared and secure.

AI All-Stars are special players one can use in the Metaverse game, the AI League. They're collectible 3D characters that one can own and train to become street football icons. The AI-powered players can be unlocked when the game launches after the tournament ends.