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Aiven introduces new Apache Kafka developments

Aiven has introduced a new open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka.

The company's Apache Kafka portfolio is said to be the first and only fully open source based event streaming framework.

Aiven says it will deliver a robust and fully open source real-time data ecosystem with the latest additions of its beta service of Aiven for Apache Flink (a stream processing framework) and Klaw, (a data governance tool for Apache Kafka). Aiven recently announced Klaw in September 2022 after acquiring Kafkawize.

As the first to offer managed Apache Kafka in the cloud back in 2016, Aiven says it has become the one true open source Apache Kafka offering in the market. 

The recent acquisition of Klaw has also given Aiven a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services around Apache Kafka to let customers transport, manage, process, operate and efficiently govern their organisations' streaming data in real time. 

Customers utilising the Aiven platform will now be able to tap into new capabilities with Aiven's streamlined, truly end-to-end open source event streaming architecture. 

"As a leader in the open source community, Aiven is on a mission to manage software that makes developers' lives easier and with our complete, open source streaming ecosystem of technologies around Aiven for Apache Kafka, were able to do just that and more for our users," says Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and Co-Founder of Aiven. 

"I couldn't be more excited to share this streaming ecosystem with the community and continue fueling innovative, data-intensive open source technologies."

The various technologies work together to create better open source solutions that combine connectivity and data management.

Aiven for Apache Kafka acts as the core event streaming framework, allowing real-time data transport for any organisation. Users can manage, operate and transport data streams reliably and in one place, with the ability to also integrate with other Aiven services, cloud regions and external systems.

Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect is a fully managed, fully open source, distributed service enabling customers to integrate existing data sources and sinks seamlessly with Aiven for Apache Kafka.

Aiven for Apache Kafka MirrorMaker2 provides a distributed data replication service for cluster-to-cluster data replication, disaster recovery and geographic proximity across multiple regions and cloud providers.

Aiven for Apache Flink (beta) is a fully open source streaming SQL engine for stateful stream processing over data streams.

"We've been using a variety of solutions from Aiven for our event streaming needs, such as Aiven for Apache Kafka and Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect," says Carlos Olmos, Senior Principal Software Engineer from Everactive.

"The combination of Kafka from Aiven, its APIs, and the Terraform provider from Aiven, has enabled us to automate almost everything: configuration, deployment, and maintenance. Aivens support and tooling around Kafka has empowered us to embrace Kafka at Everactive and harness the potential of our streaming data."

Anand Rajhans, Head of Site Reliability Engineer from GoTo Financial, says Aiven for Kafka has helped significantly improve operations.

"Aiven for Apache Kafka has been instrumental in the servicing and management of our massive throughput system. Aivens platform, along with the Kubernetes Operator and the Terraform provider from Aiven has streamlined day-to-day maintenance tasks for us and consolidated management in the same ecosystem with our existing infrastructure," says Rajhans.

"Aivens support for Apache Kafka has enabled easy scalability regardless of service size, allowing us to deliver seamless, reliable improvements for over 270 million consumers and 11 million merchants across Southeast Asia."

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