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Privacy breach stories

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The case for prioritising IT privacy in businesses
May 2021
It was Privacy Awareness Week recently. But one week in May every year isn’t cutting it: privacy needs to be a year-round focus.
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Privacy Commissioner
76 breaches reported in first four months of revamped Privacy Act
May 2021
Barely four months since the Privacy Act 2020 came into force, early indications appear to suggest that mandatory breach reporting regulations are working.
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Why consumer privacy is crucial in a remote work era
March 2021
Organisations should monitor all file, app, user and web activity with comprehensive activity logs to uncover the whereabouts of consumers’ data.
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Breach Prevention
Q1 2020 sees more data breaches than ever before
May 2020
8.4 billion documents were leaked in the first three months of 2020, smashing records and setting a sombre tone for the year.
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Cyber crime ranks highest on business concerns for 2020, research finds
January 2020
"The risk of cybercrime to businesses all around the world is continuing to multiply by the day."
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Almost half of storage devices for sale contain personal info, study finds
April 2019
If you’re thinking of selling a device with any type of storage, you may want to triple check that you’ve wiped all of your personal information off it before you send it away.
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Data Privacy
Tech firm launches data privacy toolkit to help navigate the minefield
March 2019
Data privacy isn't just about keeping customer information safe, says Data Insights.
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General Data Protection Regulation
Expert comment: Google fined US$57mil for GDPR breaches
January 2019
The committee examining the breaches found two types of breaches of the GDPR.