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International Women's Day news stories

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Globalization Partners
IWD 2022: Globalization Partners on gender inequality
International Women's Day offers an opportunity for the world to step back and look at women's cultural, economic, political, and social achievements.
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IWD 2022: Overcoming the gender gap in the IT sector
There are gender disparities in many business sectors, but perhaps none are more glaring than the IT industry. From its early days in the 1960s, IT has been dominated by men.
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IWD 2022: MYOB launches DevelopHer programme in New Zealand
In time for International Women's Day, MYOB has launched their highly sought-after DevelopHer programme for the first time in New Zealand.
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IWD 2022: HP survey reveals changing attitudes to workplace gender bias and systems
A new survey from HP has set out to provide perspective on attitudes towards gender bias and roles within the workplace.
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JAMF Software
IWD 2022: Jamf on what you can do to break the bias
Both last year’s #choosetochallenge and this year’s #BreakTheBias themes for International Women’s Day should serve as a wake-up call to the IT industry.
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IWD 2022: Eliminating the issues that hold women back in ICT
Since late 2020, I've worked as a pre-sales engineer for Zscaler, the cloud security company that's kicking big goals in the zero trust space. 
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IWD 2022: Celebrating achievements of women in the Australian manufacturing industry
The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre has highlighted leading female voices who address biases and generalisations when it comes to a career in manufacturing. 
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IWD 2022: Leading during uncertain times - the rising importance of empathy
We’re currently witnessing one of the greatest shifts in workplace culture in history with 'control and command' leadership fading out.
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IWD 2022: Security Centric Jill Taylor on breaking the bias
This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias gives us all an opportunity to examine both our own internal biases and the bias we may experience from others.
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International Women's Day
IWD 2022: Overcoming the IT sector's gender imbalance
It's interesting to consider that, in the third decade of the 21st Century, there is still a gender imbalance in the IT industry. It might be closing slowly, but there is still a very long way to go.
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IWD 2022: LogRhythm VP on drawing women to tech industries
For starters, we need to continue to bury the misconception that the tech and cybersecurity industry is reserved for men only.
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IWD 2022: Snowflake on breaking the bias on women in tech
I am surprised to find myself in the IT industry…considering my early aspirations were to become an actress.
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IWD 2022: It’s time to eliminate the gender pay gap in the ICT industry
Let’s make it a collective mission to help other women in technology get paid what they’re worth.
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IWD 2022: How companies can nurture the female ICT leaders of tomorrow
Achieving a gender balanced senior leadership team won't happen by chance, says Marketplacer Jennifer Kreutzer.
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IWD 2022: MetricSteam on female leadership and examples in tech
Execute more workshops and create more mentoring programmes with women leaders who are already part of the organisation, as well as external sources too.
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IWD 2022: Soprano director on attracting women to STEM
The technology industry continues to see gender biases, pay gaps, and women thinking twice before expressing their opinions—and it’s deterring young female talent from entering the industry.
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IWD 2022: McGrathNicol on encouraging women into cyber security
McGrathNicol cyber partner, Joss Howard specialises in helping companies assess and improve their security posture, developing strategies, and identifying initiatives to achieve cyber best practice.
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IWD 2022: Why the ICT industry needs to do more to support women with children
Becoming a parent is exciting, overwhelming and exhausting as you come to grips with your new ‘job’ looking after the most important little human in the world – your own. 
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IWD 2022: Barracuda talks fixing the gender imbalance
Making a career in the sector more appealing would see more women applying for advertised roles, writes Barracuda’s Angelina Liu.
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IWD 2022: Crowdstrike comments on supporting women in tech
As an industry, we are still overcoming the bias that a career in tech or cybersecurity is primarily for men.
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Secure Code Warrior
IWD 2022: Secure Code Warrior talks women in STEM
Attracting women into STEM should begin at a young age by fostering a healthy, positive, and unbiased environment in which both girls and boys are equally encouraged to follow their passion.
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IWD 2022: Overcoming the challenge of gender diversity
The IT industry is facing an ongoing problem. The gender balance that has been evident for many years remains entrenched, and a solution needs to be found.
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IWD 2022: Achievers manager discusses gender inequalities in technology
First and foremost, workplace culture and conditions are critical for attracting and retaining women in IT.
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IWD 2022: ActiveCampaign talks closing the gender gap in IT
The gender disparity within the information technology sector remains significant; however, some clear steps can be taken to help remedy the situation.