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Leverage both software and hardware with Crypto-of-Things

The world of authentication in 2020 comes with compromises on all fronts. 

If an enterprise or end-user uses hardware-based solutions they can benefit from better security, but suffer from low usability, high expense and complex management issues.

If they opt for software solutions, they experience good user experience and streamlined deployment and management, but often at the expense of good-quality security.

Enter Multi-Party Computation (MPC), which combines software with cutting-edge security. Unbound's crypto-of-things (CoT) solution uses MPC to split keys between a server and a device - making it extremely difficult for an attacker to gain access to both shares of the key.

CoT provides a strong security guarantee without compromising on the benefits of software.

To find out more about Unbound's solution, have a look at the whitepaper.

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