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Cryptography is everywhere - here's how to use it

Encryption and cryptography are no longer ‘niche’ technologies solving marginal problems. 

“Encrypt everything, everywhere, all the time” should be common sense for every organization, but it’s still far from being realised or accepted.

Security measures are often inhibitors of business, and certainly slow them down significantly. This is especially true of legacy hardware solutions for cryptographic key management and protection that typically involve a lengthy procurement and integration process, and do not have the flexibility of modern virtualized environments. These solutions can also be very expensive, affecting the business’s ability to be cost-effective. 

In order to address today’s computing and security needs, we need cryptographic solutions that remove the burden from the administrator and developer, are both easy to use and manage, and work in every environment. Virtualized environments are the norm, and it is time for cryptographic infrastructure to catch up.

The ubiquity of cryptography brings many business, operational and security challenges. Businesses today need to be able to react quickly to changing needs and roll out new solutions as fast as possible.

This is the new paradigm for software-defined cryptography. Learn more by downloading the white paper below.

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