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Cryptography drives a new wave of endpoint security

Have you heard of the Crypto-of-Things (CoT)? It’s a new way of providing security for your mobile devices and endpoints, all through the use of cryptographic keys.

It’s a method that’s as safe as traditional airgapped hardware security modules, but it doesn’t compromise on software usability.

Forget hardware tokens (they’re high-maintenance), software tokens (they’re full of vulnerabilities) and one-time-password generators (often full of vulnerabilities and UX issues).

The Crypto-of-Things environment uses specific multi-party computation technology to split cryptographic keys and never puts key shares together at any point in the transaction lifecycle.

CoT provides authentication that authorises and usage of a cryptographic key. 

And just in case things go wrong, CoT enables users to revoke any key in its ecosystem, preventing theft before it starts.

Find out more about CoT and cryptographic authentication in the datasheet below.

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